Saturday, January 2, 2016

Word of the Day

gibbous \GIB-uhs\,
1. Astronomy. (of a heavenly body) convex at both edges, as the moon when more than half full.
2. humpbacked

Saturday is full moon, so we will celebrate—if we are lucky with the weather—by the light of a waxing gibbous moon.
-- A. S. Byatt, "The Children's Book," 2009

The stars and the gibbous moon demanded to be looked at, and when one meteorite had streaked across the sky, you could not help waiting, open-eyed and alert…
-- Aldous Huxley, "Crome Yellow," 1921

Gibbous entered English late 14th or early 15th century from the Latin gibbus meaning hump. Word of the Day