Friday, June 10, 2016

The Yocum Library--Berks County's Best Kept Secret

by Marcina Wagner, Reference Librarian

When casting about for a topic to share on our blog, I thought why not share the variety of materials the library has to offer. Sometimes I think the Yocum Library is one of Berks County’s best kept secrets when it comes to items which can be used for academic and entertainment purposes.

When I am here as the reference librarian on the weekends, patrons from other libraries often comment to me about how large our DVD collection is. Popular genres include family, TV series, military, and horror. One of the first activities I do upon arrival is to check the new books collection which is by the entrance. 

Currently, we have non-fiction books on topics such as politics, health, fashion, history, and film. Although we are primarily an academic library, Kim Stahler, reference librarian, also orders some fiction bestsellers and biographies. We also carry graphic novels and urban fiction. Children’s books that focus on holidays, multiculturalism, and the classic children’s titles are located on the second floor.

Our selection of magazines located on the third floor is particularly strong. I often see students and the public reading and relaxing in that area. Back issues can be checked out. 

All our staff including the work/study students enjoy making recommendations about their favorite current books and DVDs. You can also find our newest materials on the Yocum Library website where a carousel showcases them. 

What’s in My Library Bag?
  • The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, a new Netflix comedy series by Tina Fey; 
  • Fashion: The Definitive History of Costume and Style
  • A Frontline documentary on vitamins and supplements; and
  • A back issue of Lucky Peach, an irreverent food magazine by the owner of Momofuku  

Share with us. What's in your library bag? You can comment either on our blog or our Facebook page.

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