Friday, July 8, 2016

Celebrating French-American Heritage Month: Famous French Americans

The following is only a partial list of some famous French Americans. Can you name some more? Post in the comments section below.

Tom Bergeron, Emmy Award-nominated American television personality (host of Dancing with the Stars)

Warren Buffett, of French Huguenot ancestry and among the top wealthiest men in the world 

Louis Chevrolet, co-founder with William C. Durant of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company

Ellen DeGeneres, actress, talk-show host; father was of part French descent 

William C. Durant, founder of General Motors; a co-founder with Louis Chevrolet of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company 

King Camp Gillette, founder of the Gillette Safety Razor Company

Augustus D. Juilliard, businessman whose philanthropy built the renowned conservatory of dance, music, and theatre in New York City that bears his name  

Frank Perdue & Associates, the Perdue family is of French Huguenot ancestry, and can be traced back to Anjou, France; the family created the Perdue Chicken Company 

Taylor Lautner, actor, martial artist, of partial French descent

Beyoncé Knowles, American R&B singer-songwriter and actress; a French Creole of French and African-American and Native American descent

Madonna, singer, French-Canadian on her mother's side of the family


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