Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Join Us for Puzzle Mania at The Yocum Library

Current puzzle in progress at Yocum Library
by Marcina Wagner, Reference Librarian

The Yocum Library will have a puzzle table for all of you who appreciate the quiet enjoyment of putting together a puzzle. My mother was such a person, gravitating toward the scenic landscapes of Europe—the castle on the Rhine and the Alps above a sparkling lake. As a child, I enjoyed joining the border pieces, then quickly lost interest. 

Today, I must have close to two dozen puzzles from thrift stores whose staff conveniently note whether all the pieces are in the box. Puzzle building is my cool weather pastime, the table located near the fireplace.

Your idea of puzzles may be something different. In the library’s online catalog, under “puzzles,” you will discover many titles, such as One Hundred Brain Twisters; Games for the Superintelligent (that’s you, right); and From Square One: A Meditation with Digressions on Crosswords.

Stop in to add some pieces to our puzzle of the Grand Canyon! Puzzle donations are welcome. 

What's In My Bag?
  • Peter Lovesey murder mystery series (in order) 
  • Swimsuit, a novel by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
What books are you reading? What DVDs are you watching? Let us know.

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