Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Word of the Day

Are you a bibliophage? Check out the meaning below to find out.

bibliophage \BIB-lee-uh-feyj\, noun:

An ardent reader; a bookworm.

Sample use:

You may recall, if you are something of a bibliophage, that the late Sylvia Plath had a story with a similar name.

-- Corey Mesler, We Are a Billion-Year-Old Carbon

The borrower, heedless, reckless bibliophage cares nothing about all this; into the midst of these learned pleasures he leaps like a fox into a hen-roost; he is smitten all at once with an overmastering hunger for reading...”

-- Elliot Stock, The Bookworm

Bibliophage derives from the Latin biblio meaning “books” and phage meaning “a thing that devours.”

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