Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Yocum Library is Available 24/7!

Today, a library can be open 24/7 for its patrons by accessing library resources online through the Internet. At RACC's Yocum Library, you have access to numerous online databases, hundreds of e-books, a variety of e-magazines, and more.
These resources are available to Yocum Library patrons with access to the library's passwords. Members of the RACC community (students, faculty, and staff)  can find the current database passwords in CANVAS. You can also find additional online assistance with YODA and CUFTS.
To discover which databases are best for your topic, ask YODA (Yocum Online Database Aid). 
To discover which database includes a specific journal, use the CUFTS tool created by Simon Fraser University. 
You can also access the links to YODA and CUFTS on The Yocum Library's website.

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